Where can I learn West Coast Swing?

There are different ways of learning how to dance West Coast Swing, each of them having advantages and disadvantages.

Dance School

The usual choice, often the most appropiate. Attending a school you can learn to dance West Coast Swing from professionals. Practising with the other classmates is really useful to improve faster.

Actualmente en Madrid se imparten clases en las siguientes escuelas:

Círculo de Baile

La primera escuela de Madrid con clases de West Coast Swing. Ofertan clases regulares de iniciación, y organizan talleres multinivel un fin de semana cada mes, además de sociales para poder practicar.

Blanco y Negro Studio

Escuela especializada en ritmos norteamericanos. Ofertan clases regulares de iniciación y nivel intermedio, y organizan sociales todos los meses.

Private lessons

This is usually more expensive, and good for people who have been dancing for a longer time and want to take their dancing to the next level. It can be a good alternative for beginners who cannot attend a school for any reason.

The absence of other people attending the same lesson can be a disadvantage in terms of practice, but this can be compensated by attending dancing events.

Private lessons mean personal attention. This will help to improve at a faster pace, the lessons being focused on the student's individual needs.


Frequently, at parties and clandestines there is an introductory lesson where the basic steps are taught. This is useful for anyone curious about this dance or wanting to try west coast swing.

You can check our events calendar.

West Coast Swing Videos

Maybe not the best way to learn, since some mistakes will not be fixed without a teacher. Still, it can be an alternative if there are no schools or teachers in your area.